Boudoir Sessions


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Our bodies are beautiful and boudoir photography uniquely captures the simple elegance often hidden from view. 

A boudoir, traditionally, was: "a beautifully decorated room used in the past by a woman for sleeping, dressing, relaxing, and entertaining." In essence, a place where one could be their true self. 

Wether you want to create images for yourself to capture a moment of personal beauty or you want to create images to share with someone else that plays on the border of sexy and erotic, a boudoir session will give you a feeling of esteem that will last a lifetime. 

I believe sessions should be relaxed and minimalistic. I strive to highlight who you really are instead of the usual pomp and glamour common within most photography. While there is a place for that it is not my focus. 

Within each of us is a truly beautiful and unique person and my goal is to draw that out and capture its essence. 

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I shoot in a very relaxed and natural style. Keeping makeup and lighting to a minimum so the focus remains on the subject in a way that brings out their intrinsic beauty and sensuality. 

If you are interested in a session contact me and we can discuss if I am the right photographer for you!

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